The Southern California Railway
"From the Mountains to the Desert to the Sea."

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The Prenda Turn works the Santiago Growers packing house at Prenda.

The Imperial arrives at Indio behind an SP E7. The diesel and the depot were both custom built by Pat Bray.

The MBSM overtakes a beet drag at Gallinas.

The MBSM and train 40, with SP business car Airslie meet at Gallinas.

Congestion at Santa Ana.

Prenda Turn on Foothill Spur.

Pacific Electric's Miraflores Local on Palm Ave. in Santa Ana.

Santa Fe's First Santa Ana Switcher works Conrock at Lemon Street in Santa Ana.

An SP light helper set is passed by a MUG train at Encina.

ATSF No. 8, Fast Mail Express approaches tunnel No. 2 near Encina.

No. 8 overtakes Santa Fe's Prenda Turn near Basin crossover.

Encina station at the top of the hill between Indio and Santa Ana.

Union Sugar beet loader at Mirflores.

No. 40 in Santa Ana Canyon.

Trains meet in Santa Ana.

On Sundays, SP makes one trip out to Prenda.

A beet train takes Bob's crossover adjacent to the Indio engine tracks.

No. 40 at Quantico with Indio ice deck in distance.

Video Links

This is our camera car. The camera is The RD32II 1080p .h264 Sport Cam. [Link to manufacturer]
Someone suggested we should paint it red and gray and number it 8799.

These are links to several videos posted on Youtube.

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